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Monthly Limited Access



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Monthly Unlimited Access



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Day Use

Property Management works in office #301. Stop by and say hello!


When will I be charged?

Your subscription renews on the same day that you started your membership. 

How can I cancel?

Cancelling is easy. Just reach out to us to cancel before your next payment date. 

What are the business hours?

Our doors are open for members to come up to the 3rd floor from 7:00am to 6:00pm, Monday through Friday. Any other time you will need a fob to access the building.

The Property Management team is on site from 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday.

Is the wifi fast?

Speed should never be an issue at the lab. We have the fastest running wifi available.

Can I store my food somewhere?

In our kitchenette there is a mini fridge that is for personal items only. This is where you can keep your lunch, creamer, and other food items. We just ask that you clean out your items before they go bad.

What about conference rooms?

You will get 2 hours of conference room time per month with the monthly memberships.

If you need to schedule a date in the future, you can ask us to schedule it for you. We only allow each business to have one conference room scheduled on the calendar at a time to ensure fair sharing of the conference rooms. 

Need more time than 2 hours a month? Ask us about our rates. 

How do memberships work for teams?

Each person that is using the general space needs a membership. If you want to invite someone that is not a member, our policy is that you will need to schedule a conference room for that time.

Is it loud in the cowork space?

We ask that everyone using the cowork space be mindful of fellow members. We have more options for people taking private calls, including soundproofed phone booths.

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Let us know a time that works for you to check out the space.