printer setup


Click this link to find the driver: 

Scroll down to ‘Drivers & Downloads’ to choose your computers operating system.

How to choose operating system

Select the driver under ‘Recommended Driver(s)’ and then click the ‘Download’ button.

Once the file downloads to your computer click on it to begin the setup process. Refer to your system type below for further instructions.


Click through the setup wizard until it prompts you to pick a printer model/type. 

Choose the ‘Generic’ option. Run through the rest of the setup process. 

Once the setup is finished open up your system preferences and go to ‘Devices & Printers’. Make sure that you are connected to the lab wifi and search for network printers. A printer named ‘Palm Tower 3rd Floor’ should pop up in this section, if not let us know!

If it shows the ‘Palm Tower 3rd Floor’ printer, click it to connect and print a test page. 
If that doesn’t work let us know!


Once the driver download is complete go to System Preferences, open ‘Printers & Scanners’ then click the ‘+’ button. 

Choose the IP option. For ‘Address’ use:

Name: Palm Tower 3rd Floor

Location: 3rd Floor

Use (dropdown): Search or click the driver named Canon iR-ADV 4725/4735

Press ‘Add’. 

Print out a test page using the printer which should now be named ‘Palm Tower 3rd Floor’ to ensure it’s set up. 
If that doesn’t work let us know!