thanks for joining

whats next?

It’s time to get working! Here are the next steps you might need to take to be ready to get your grind on and stay focused. 

accessing the lab

If you haven’t had a tour yet, you can come in any time during our business hours to meet with our Property Management team. We can answer any questions and get you set up for success.

We’re here from 9am to 5pm daily, but if you’re a member without a fob you can access the 3rd floor from 7:30am to 6:00pm on week days.

To get a fob ($150 unlimited access membership), please visit us during our business hours to get set up. *We charge a $75 refundable fee for your first fob.


Probably the most important step. 
The wifi name is lab, password goforbroke (no caps, no space).

conference rooms

We get a lot of questions about the conference rooms so please review our policy.

Our conference rooms are first come first serve. You must schedule your meeting with us before using the conference room. Email to schedule a room or confirm availability for a future date.

Every member gets 2 hours of conference room time allotted a month with their membership. Be courteous to other members and don’t camp out in the conference room if you aren’t in a meeting. If you need any supplies, or help setting up your meeting, please reach out to our team in office 301. 


We have a black and white printer available on the 3rd floor. Go to to walk through the setup process.


membership renewal

Unless otherwise requested, we offer auto-renewing memberships. This means that on the day you pay for your membership, it will renew on the same day the next month. If you wish to cancel or change your membership type, please inform us before your renewal date. 

community minded

In order for all members to enjoy their experience at the lab, we have to stay aware of our noise levels. The lab, and our conference rooms, are not sound proof. Please keep this in mind when talking calls and using the general space. Thank you.

stay up to date

We are constantly reviewing our policies and looking for ways to offer more. 

For policy updates and important terms of use information, please refer to the links in the footer of this page. 

For information on our events, and happenings in the lab, follow us on social media. We actively try to promote our members businesses so if you have something cool to share let us know!

thank you for being a part of our community